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  • ❆ baby it'z cold outside ❆

    snuggle up in our oversized hoodie this szn

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  • from the bottom of our hearts...

    we're incredibly thankful ♡

    Let this be a reminder that you're our family. YOU matter & we're so thankful you're here.

    This has been such a rough year for everyone and as we ease into seasonal depression, we want to remind you to take care of your mental health and to truly & actually look out for those around you. Wherever this season may take you, know that you're never alone! This week is so much more than just amazing sales + good food. It's all about giving THANKS and all about the LOVE. Do your shoppin' & take quality time to spend with your loved ones!

    All the work we do here at Rave After Rave comes from our heart N' soul and we wanted to give back to our customers by having an awesome sale just because we love you! Thank you for all of the love + support over the last two years. We're incredibly grateful.

    We can't wait to rave with you again soon! Take care + stay safe!


    Alyssa ♡

    Rave After Rave