Our festival deadlines are set dates that will give us enough time to get all "Made To Order" items finished and delivered on time with first class shipping (2-5 business days). *These dates are subject to change. We move up & down deadline dates based on current volume of orders and what we can take on, so check back often. On average, we need up to 2 weeks to finish orders. Any order placed after the deadline is not guaranteed on time delivery. This does not apply to "Ready To Ship" items. View more info on our processing and shipping times here.


Orders Past Deadline Dates

Depending on current volume of orders, we are sometimes able to take orders past the deadlines-- with priority shipping and rush order fees may be applicable. Please contact us prior to ordering past the deadline to see if we can get it out to you in time--**must include in email: the exact items, size for each item & festival date needed by.** All orders placed after the deadline without contacting prior to is not guaranteed on-time delivery.  


Festi Date & Name  |  Deadline Date 

     ☆    10/26   Freaky Deaky: October 12

     ☆    11/1     Day N Vegas: October 20

     ☆    11/1     Freakstyle: October 20

     ☆    11/8     EDC Orlando: October 25

           **Absolutely no late orders will be accepted since we will be out of town Nov 7-12.

     ☆    11/22   Dreamstate: November 8


     ☆    12/27   Hijinx: December 13

     ☆    12/27   Lights All Night: December 13

     ☆    12/27   SnowGlobe: December 13

     ☆    12/30   Decadence AZ/CO: December 13

     ☆    12/30   Snowta: December 13  

     ☆    12/31   Bassnectar NYE: December 13

     ☆    1/6       Friendship: December 15

     ☆    1/22     Holy Ship! : January 8

     ☆    1/31     Gem & Jam: January 17 

     ☆    2/15     Forbidden Kingdom: February 1 


 * If we forgot to include an event, let us know! We want to be as resourceful as we can for our Bbz!