Our products are made based on our size chart. When finding your size- we highly recommend measuring with a tape measure! We don't recommend correlating our size chart to those of other shops.

Sizing preference varies from person to person. These are just our guided tips:

Tops: if the top has adjustable straps most customers prefer to size up for more coverage. It's better to have more coverage than not enough! For bigger chests with non-adjustable straps- most customers prefer to size up for comfort.

Bottoms:- our customers typically recommend sizing down for the tighter fit because our products are made of stretchy materials (some fabrics may be stretchier than others) and will stretch to fit. If your hips, butt, and body fills out more than average, we recommend sizing up. Keep in mind that fit will vary from design to design and will depend on your body build & personal preference. Take this advice with a grain of salt! If you prefer things to be less tight or know you can get bloated easily, size up. Think about comfort first and foremost!

Bodysuits: we recommend going with your waist or bottoms sizing so that it'll hug you properly to stay "on." Our fabrics are stretchy so if your chest is bigger it should stretch enough to fit.

Every body is different. If you have questions reach out to us!

We've been told our sizing runs true to size to our size chart, and runs smaller compared to other shops. Keep in mind all shop's sizing and size charts are different, so don't correlate them.

Our products are made per our guided size chart. We recommend measuring yourself and/or your clothes and following our size chart. Be honest with yourself and purchase the proper size that'll fit you comfortably. A friendly reminder that a size number or letter does not define you :)

*Check each product's size + fit details for additional details for product to product

We're self taught in sewing and designing, we're not perfect but we do our best to get there! We don't always get it right on the first try which is why we slightly change the measurements and patterns between launch to launch- which is always noted in the product description and/or product size + fit details.

We're committed to making the best fit possible for our customers because we truly care :)

Yes we do! You can view all of our reviews here

Individual product reviews can be found on its respective product description under the tab labeled "Reviews.

Yes! We will exapnd sizing Fall 2021.

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